5. Received from/Issued to: All receipts are
entered in red ink; all issues are entered in black ink.
6. Reportable demand: The quantity expended
that must be replaced for continued operations.
7. Other issues/receipts: Nonreplenishment issues
and receipts; for example, items that are not
8. Balance: The amount remaining after issues
and receipts.
Stock Record Card Insert
A Stock Record Card Insert (NAVSUP Form 768)
particular stock item and serves as an index to the Stock
Record Card (fig. 5-12). The information necessary for
completing this card is located in various publications
Stock Status and Replenishment
A Stock Status and Replenishment Card (NAVSUP
Form 767) is maintained for each item in stock and
serves a dual purpose (fig. 5-14). The left side of the
card is used to assemble stock status data preparatory to
replenishment action and serves as a historical record
of such data. The right portion of the card is divided

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