Version history (DOFMaster, for Windows® operating systems):

  • 1.02 -- March 17, 2002 -- Increased the number of lens focal lengths. The regional settings of the operating system are now used for number formatting.

  • 1.01 -- January 19, 2002 -- Increased the number of circles of confusion for digital cameras.

  • 1.00 -- January 2, 2002 -- Original release

Version history (DOFMaster LE, for Palm OS® platform):

  • 1.10 -- January 8, 2003 -- Added support for Palm OS 5.0 devices. Version 1.10 runs significantly faster than Version 1.00.

  • 1.00 -- March 3, 2002 -- Original release

Version history (DOFMaster Hyperfocal Chart, for Windows® operating systems):

  • 0.5 -- July 28, 2003 -- Original release

Version history (DOFMaster for iPhone® and iPod® Touch):

  • 1.0 -- January 1, 2008 -- Original release

DOFMaster (for Windows operating systems) installation problems:

  • Windows XP - The installation may fail with an error that says the uninstall program is still in use. Windows XP, by default, does not allow the setup program to write the uninstall program to the Windows XP directory when your user account does not have administrative or power user rights. To install DOFMaster, you must logon using an account that has administrative or power user rights.

  • Some people have reported problems with the installation of DOFMaster. The DOFMaster download is a Winzip self-extracting file. When run, Winzip extracts the setup files, runs the setup, and then deletes the setup files. Apparently, Winzip is deleting the setup files before the setup finishes.

    If the DOFMaster installation doesn't work, try the following:

    • Open the DOFMaster download (dofsetup.exe) with Winzip, extract the files, and then run 'setup.exe'.

    • If this doesn't work, send an email to explaining the problems you're having with the installation.

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