New York Institute of Photography

NYIP Students Roundtable on MSN

Bob Atkins Photography - Lots of good technical information about lenses - free monthly photo contest, online courses, and tips for improving photographic technique. A useful Q&A and free email newsletters also provide expert help with all areas of beginning photography.

Rick Oleson's Exposure Slide Rule

Canon Camera Museum - Len Details Extensive data on all of Canon's lenses. Links to depth of field tables are provided at the bottom of the specification page for most of the lenses.

Home Gym Buyer's Guide How I lost 60 pounds in 7 months. The motivation for losing weight came from a failed excursion to photograph fall colors. I had planned to hike 4 miles into the mountains, but was only able to walk a quarter mile before being completely winded. How pathetic was that? Get started with your weight loss: Home Gym Buyer's Guide

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute As a landscape photographer, you will encounter dangerous 4-legged and 2-legged critters in the outdoors. Learn how to defend yourself using a handgun, rifle, or shotgun at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

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