DOFMaster Hyperfocal Chart

DOFMaster Hyperfocal Chart for Windows® prints charts of hyperfocal distance for a range of lenses.

Free download

FREE sample hyperfocal distance charts (for 35mm format and digital SLRs)

Use feet or meters on the distance scale.

Select focal lengths from 1 mm to 1000 mm.

Print a chart for any format, digital to 8x10.

Print wallet-size to 8x10 inch charts.

Select apertures as small as f/64.

Show 1/2 and 1/3 f-stops on the chart.

Choose any circle of confusion.

Find the lens' focal length on the horizontal axis. Read up to the f-number to find the hyperfocal distance at that f-number. For example, the arrows on the chart above illustrate how to read the hyperfocal distance for a 50mm lens set to f/16.

Free download

Free download

Requirements: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® ME, Windows NT® 4.x, Windows® 2000, or Windows® XP operating systems.

The hyperfocal distance charts are log-log plots of the hyperfocal distance equation:

hyperfocal distance equation



is the hyperfocal distance, mm


is the lens focal length, mm


is the f-number


is the circle of confusion, mm

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