this, you must exercise continuous and cautious
management of materials.
Stock records must be maintained properly to
ensure material accountability, location of stock, and
other vital information for reports to Navy inventory
Knowing which catalog and requisition form to use
is important. But just as important, you must know
when to order supplies. You can accomplish this by
using a definite system or procedure that includes stock
record cards, logbooks, and inventories.
As a Photographer's Mate, you must be concerned
with several NAVSUP stock record forms. These forms
are for establishing and maintaining a stock record of
each item carried by your activity. Four of the NAVSUP
forms you may use are as follows:
Stock Record Card (NAVSUP Form 766)
Stock Record Card Insert (NAVSUP Form
Stock Status and Replenishment Card
(NAVSUP Form 767)
Stock Record Card Afloat (NAVSUP Form
1114 [1C])
Stock Record Card
A Stock Record Card (NAVSUP Form 766) is an
official record of all receipts and expenditures (fig.
5-12). It contains the current stock balance of each item
carried in stock. All receipts, expenditures, inventory
adjustments, and demands arc entered manually on the
stock record card.
A stock record card contains the following
1. Stock number of material: This can be located
in the Managment List-Navy, Master Repairable Item
List, Afloat Shopping Guide, Consolidated Master
Cross-Reference List, GSA Catalog, or Navy Stock List
of Publications and Forms.
2. Card number: The initial card for each item is
card number "1" with each new card for the same item
numbered consecutively.
3. Date: The Julian date that the material is issued
or received.
4. Document number: The requisition number or
invoice number under which the material was received.

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