ALL work performed by Navy imaging facilities
must be documented on a job-order form. The job-order
form is used to maintain close control of in phases of
imaging services. The job-order form serves several
purposes; they are as follows: as an official request for
visual information (VI) services, as the authority to
perform the work, as a record of the time and materials
used to complete the job, and as a receipt for the finished
work. Navy imaging facilities may use the Request for
Audiovisual Services, OPNAV 5290/1 (fig. 14-2A), or
a locally created, in-house job-order form.
As a minimum, an in-house job-order form must
contain the following information: a job-order number,
a customer signature block with a disclaimer that the
service requested is official work and essential to
mission accomplishment, product security classifi-
cation, and any other information required by your
facility to accomplish the request officially.
Audiovisual Services, OPNAV 5290/1. Figure 14-2A
shows the front side of the form. The front side can be
broken down into two sections. The top section, Blocks
1 through 14, may be completed by the requester or a
person assigned to the job-control desk by the imaging
facility. The completion of these blocks is self-
explanatory. Block 2 (the work request number) is the

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