In Navy imaging facilities, whenever Top Secret or
Secret material changes hands, it MUST be done under
a continuous chain of receipts. This continuous chain of
receipts is documented on a Correspondence/Material
Control (4 PT), OPNAV 5216/10.
For example, when a requester brings a Secret chart
to the imaging facility to be copied, the person receiving
the job must sign a receipt for the original Secret chart.
When the photographer turns the chart over to the
cameraperson, the cameraperson must sign the receipt;
when the cameraperson turns the processed film over to
the printer, the printer signs for the negative and the
print, and so on, until the requester again signs the
receipt for the completed job.
Confidential material, on the other hand, needs to
be covered by a receipt only when it is transferred, either
permanently or temporarily, to another command or
other authorized addresses.
The receipts for Top Secret material will be
provided by the person requesting the work. For Secret
and Confidential material the OPNAV 5216/10 (fig.

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