When lighting a full-length portrait, you must light
the entire body of the subject evenly and not allow
objectionable shadows to show on the final product.
This is best achieved when the subject is lighted
with light diffused from two umbrellas. The
background can be evenly lighted with two
The full-length officer portrait must be a
three-quarter view with the left shoulder forward. For
officer promotion photographs, the prescribed
uniform is summer khakis (summer whites where
summer khakis are not authorized) and dress blues for
LDO or CWO applications. All subjects will be
uncovered unless otherwise stated in the applicants
background lights. You should always conduct
appropriate instruction. A menu board or hand- lettered
tests to determine the best lighting setup for your
title board must be placed at the subjects feet and be
studio equipment and facilities.
legible in the final photograph. The subject should be

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