PHC Carl Hinkle
Officers of the Navy and Naval Reserve, in grades
CWO3 through CWO-5, or O-3 through O-8, must
submit a full-length photograph of themselves before
being selected for promotion to the next higher rank.
Other special selection boards require a full-length
photograph to be included in the applicant's package,
such as the limited duty officer program, Sailor of the
Year, and other programs in which a selection board
process is used. Candidates for officer promotion and
LDO or CWO selection boards should refer to
NAVPERS Manual, 15560C, and NAVMILPERS-
COMINST, 1131.1A, respectively, for the most current
Since the studio setup is unique for full-length
photographs, they should be scheduled at a time other
than that of normal head-and-shoulders portraits. The
background for full-length photographs must be a
contrasting color from the uniform of the subject.
Normally, white seamless paper is used because it
provides the best results.
When white seamless paper is used for full-length
portraits, it must drape down and provide enough
coverage for the subject's head and extend to the deck
so the subject is standing on it. You should protect the
background from footprints and tears by laying down a
protective material, such as paper or acetate.

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