The low limit of a stock item is the safety level plus
the quantity of material expected to be consumed during
the order and shipping time. The low limit entry for
items in which stock is maintained at two or less is the
total quantity. Replenishment is initiated each time an
issue is made.
Stock Record Replenishment Review
Stock records are reviewed at the time receipts and
expenditures are posted. The balance on hand is
checked visually against the low limit. Items
approaching or at the low limit are flagged to indicate
that replenishment is required at the earliest
opportunity. Replenishment requisitions are prepared
and submitted to the designated supply point. The
material should be ordered in sufficient quantities to
bring the material on hand and on order up to the high
Established high and low limits may have to be
adjusted from time to time as usage data indicates.
Table 5-3 shows an example of how high and low limits
are determined.
rate of 100 each per month.
In addition, when a ship or unit receives orders to
deploy, the stock records are reviewed to ensure that
stock is replenished as near to the high limit as possible.
Particular attention should be paid to stock records
of critical items. They should be flagged appropriately
to remind you to review and replenish them frequently.
The following categories of items are critical, relative
to replenishment review procedures:
Fast-moving items with lower safety levels than
desired because of stowage limitations or shelf life

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