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Corrective photography is the correct represen-
tation of three-dimensional objects on a single plane (the
At one time or another, you have probably taken a
picture with the camera tilted up or at an angle to the
subject, and you probably learned by experience what
the resulting distortion did to an otherwise good picture.
Most of the cameras you use on location do not have
movements or adjustments for correcting vertical or
horizontal distortion that is created when the camera is
tilted or used at an angle to the subject. Such inflexible
cameras do not allow you to present the subject correctly
from any camera position that shows two or three sides
of the subject. For the correct presentation of such
subjects, camera movements must be used. Many
students of photography, as well as many
pros, are inclined to use cameras lacking
the essential advantages (camera movements and
adjustments) of a view camera. Instead they use their
"regular" camera for every assignment even when a
view camera is the only correct camera for the job. Refer
to chapter 4 to re-familiarize yourself with the view
camera. Figure 6-19A and figure 6-19B show the
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PHAN M. Lakner

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