movements are made. This is caused when the lens field
14. Be sure all camera adjustments are locked
down and insert the film holder. Be sure the lens is
closed before removing the dark slide.
15. Make your exposure.
You cannot always correct 100 percent of the
distortion. Horizontal or vertical distortion can only be
corrected on one plane; for example, when you take a
three-quarter photograph of a building, only the front or
side can be corrected at a time, not both in the same
Still-electronic cameras are becoming popular in all
branches of the Department of Defense. The operation
of still-electronic cameras is basically the same as
conventional cameras. The only difference between
these cameras is the way the images are recorded and
stored. There are two different types of electronic
cameras used currently in the Navy: the still-video
camera and the digital camera.
The Sony ProMavica MVC-5000 (Magnetic Video
Camera) is an example of a still-video camera.
The ProMavica records images as magnetic
impulses on a compact 2-inch still-video floppy disk.
The images are captured on the disk by using two-CCD
(charge-coupled device) chips. One chip stores
luminance information, and the other separately records

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