The anticipated benefit is significant improvement in
both ship and shore physical security programs.
Reporting of these incidents by MLSR is independent
of requesting investigative assistance by
Details of the MLSR program are provided in
Reporting of Missing, Lost, Stolen, or Recovered
(MLSR) Government Property, SECNAVINST 5500.4.
Senior Photographer's Mates, imaging-facility
managers, and Navy officers should become thoroughly
familiar with this instruction.
Because of the nature and expense of imaging
equipment and some supplies, most materials used in
imaging facilities are included in the MLSR program.
The following categories are covered specifically and
MLSR reports must be made when items in these
categories are missing, lost, stolen, or recovered:
1. Controlled equipage. These items require
special attention and control because they are valuable
and can easily be converted for personal use. Cameras
and lenses are prime examples of controlled equipage.
2. Plant account property, both major and minor.
3. Items that have been stolen or suspected of
being stolen with a replacement cost greater than $100.
An MLSR report should be prepared on DD Form
200, Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss,
for equipment that is missing from your command (fig.
5-18). Materials and equipment that are suspected of
being lost, stolen, or damaged beyond economical
repair in shipment should be reported on SF-364,
Report of Discrepancy, and SF-361, Transportation
Discrepancy Report, respectively. Complete details for
preparing these reports are provided in SECNAVINST
A survey is the procedure required for Navy
property (except incoming shipments) that is lost,
damaged, or destroyed. The purpose of a survey is to
determine responsibility and to determine the actual
monetary loss to the government. The facts
surrounding the loss or damage must he researched
thoroughly. This research should not be limited to
simply verifying statements of the parties involved.
The research must be broad enough to ensure that the
interests of the Navy, as well as the rights of individuals,
and Navy activity(ies) concerned are protected. A
review is required to prove or refute statements of the
persons involved and to place responsibility.
If you are ever involved in a survey report or
investigation, refer to Afloat Supply Procedures,
NAVSUP Publication 485, and Supply Ashore,
NAVSUP Publication 1, Volume II, for specific
information regarding your rights and responsibilities.
The Financial Liability Investigation of Property
Loss, DD Form 200, should be used to document the
report of survey and to certify the survey process when
government property is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
DD Form 200 also serves to adjust the physical
inventory on hand with the accountable record.
DD Form 200 should be initiated by the officer
responsible (accountable) for the property in question.
This officer is required to perform an inquiry and to
complete blocks 1 through 11 of DD Form 200. As a
minimum, the inquiry should identify the following:
Who was involved?
What happened?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
How did it happen?
Is there evidence of negligence, willful
misconduct, and deliberate unauthorized use or
disposition of the property?
Once the responsible (accountable) officer has
completed the inquiry, DD Form 200 must be sent to the
appointing authority for review. The review by the
appointing authority will include, as a minimum, the
following actions:
Review and evaluate the existing property
protection procedures.
A determination as to whether the procedures
prescribed comply with regulations.
A determination as to whether negligence or
abuse is evident.

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