Under certain circumstances, requisitions may be
submitted by message or letter. Normally, requisitions
are submitted on one of the forms listed previously.
To prepare and use requisition forms, you must
become familiar with certain terms. You must also
become familiar with the use of the forms in the Military
Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
(MILSTRIP) and the Uniform Material Movement and
Issue Priority System
The MILSTRIP system provides a "common
language" for requesting and supplying material within
and among the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,
and the General Services Administration (GSA). It also
explains the requisition documents that can be
processed by electronic-processing equipment and
contains all the information necessary to issue, ship, and
account for the material requested.
Some of the terms in the "common language" of
MILSTRIP are as follows:
A requisition that cannot be
filled by the supply activity from current stock and is
being held until additional stock is received. When the
stock is received, the issue will be made.

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