may be made on DD Form 1348 or by message. The
request should contain the same information as a
requisition to a supply activity except for the routing
identifier, which is left blank When the material
requested is not available for issue, the requisition is
returned to the originator. Ships do not hold
requisitions on back order for later issue.
Forms and Publications
Forms are requisitioned on DD Form 1348 in the
same manner as any other consumable material.
Publications (identified by cognizance symbol 01) are
not carried in a stores account and are issued without
Special requisitioning instructions, approval
requirements, and restrictions are indicated in the
requisition restriction (RR) column of the Navy Stock
List of Forms and Publications.
NAVSUP Form 1205 must be used to order Navy
departmental directives. There is no cost for these
directives. The form is preaddressed to the Aviation
Supply Office (ASO) and may be placed in a window
envelope for mailing after it (including the return
address label) has been filled out.
Requisition Follow-up
When material or status has not been received by
the standard delivery date (SDD) or the required
delivery date (RDD), you should submit a follow-up to
determine the shipping status. The standard delivery
date is computed by adding the authorized UMMIPS
delivery time to the Julian date of your requisition. The
follow-up may be submitted on DD Form 1348 (2-PT).
The document identifier AF1 and the routing
identifier for the last known holder of the requisition are
assigned. The balance of the follow-up is identical to
the original requisition unless part of the material has
already been received.
When you are taking action on a requisition for
urgently needed material and the SDD or RDD is past
due with no follow-up status received, document
identifier AT may be used instead of AF1 This tells the
supply activity to process the follow-up as a requisition
if they do not have the original requisition. This could
preclude the need for another requisition if response to
an AF1 follow-up is "no record of your requisition." On
the other hand, it may also result in duplicate shipment
and billing.
Requisition Cancellation
When material has been requisitioned but not
received and is no longer required, you should send a
cancellation request to the last known holder of the
requisition. The requisition should be prepared in the
same manner as a follow-up with a document identifier
in the AC series. Submission of a cancellation request
does not guarantee cancellation of the requisition. If the
supply activity has already released or shipped the
material, the requisition cannot be canceled. For this
reason, you should not consider a requisition canceled
until confirmation is received from the supply activity.
Open Purchase
Open-purchase actions are taken by a shore activity
as a result of emergency requirements for supplies or
services by purchase on the open market when all of the
following conditions exist:
1. There is an immediate and urgent requirement
for authorized supplies or services.
2. The supplies or services are not available at the
local supply support activity.
3. Scheduled operations will not permit the time to
procure supplies through the regular Navy Supply
The supply officer may make routine purchases of
supplies and services when all of the following
conditions exist:
1. The supplies or services are not available at the
local supply support activity.
2. Supply department resources are sufficient to
handle the additional work load involved without
detrimental effects.
3. Transactions are made by an approved
small-purchase method that provides for immediate
delivery of the material.
Methods Of Purchase
Purchases are made by one of the following
1. By purchase order for purchases of $2,500 or
2. By imprest fund for cash purchases of $150 or
less ($300 under emergency conditions).
3. By orders under indefinite delivery types of

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