Cross Reference - Filters for Black-and-White Photography

Color or type of filter (Wratten designation)

Equivalent terms of various manufacturers

light yellow (K1)

Filter factor: 1.5

Burleigh Brooks: Light Yellow
Ednalite: Y-1
Enteco: K1
Harrison & Harrison: YL-1
Kodak: K1
Leitz: Yellow 0
Spiralite: Light Yellow
Tiffen: Yellow 1
Walz: Y-1

medium yellow (K2)

Filter factor: 2.0

Accura: K2
Burleigh Brooks: Medium Yellow
Ednalite: Y-2
Enteco: K2
Harrison & Harrison: YL-3
Kodak: K2
Leitz: Yellow 1
Nikon: Medium Yellow
Spiralite: Medium Yellow
Tiffen: Yellow 11
Walz: Y-3

dark yellow or orange (G)

Filter factor: 3.0

Accura: G
Burleigh Brooks: Orange
Ednalite: O-2
Enteco: G
Harrison & Harrison: YL-6
Kodak: G
Leitz: Orange
Spiralite: Orange
Tiffen: Orange
Walz: O-2

light green (X1)

Filter factor: 4.0

Accura: X1
Burleigh Brooks: Light Green
Ednalite: G-1
Enteco: X1
Harrison & Harrison: GR-4
Kodak: X1
Leitz: Green
Nikon: Light Green
Spiralite: Light Green
Tiffen: Green 1
Walz: G

dark green (X2)

Filter factor: 5.0

Burleigh Brooks: Green
Ednalite: G-2
Enteco: X2
Harrison & Harrison: GR-5
Kodak: X2

red (A)

Filter factor: 8.0

Accura: A25
Ednalite: R-2
Enteco: A25
Kodak: A25
Leitz: Red
Spiralite: Red
Tiffen: Red 1
Walz: R-2

dark red (F)

Filter factor: 16.0

Ednalite: R-3
Enteco: F
Harrison & Harrison: RD-8
Kodak: F
Leitz: Medium or Dark Infrared

blue (C5)

Filter factor: 5.0

Burleigh Brooks: Light Blue
Ednalite: Tricolor Blue
Enteco: C5
Harrison & Harrison: BL-10
Kodak: C5
Leitz: Blue

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