Errata #1
25 MAY 99
Specific Instruction and Errata for
Basic Photography Course
1. No attempt has been made to issue corrections for errors in typing,
punctuation, etc. that do not affect your ability to answer the question or
2. Change the following items:
a. Question 1-56: change Alt 3 from "545.45 feet" to "45.46 feet"
b. Question 2-75: change Alt 2 from "120F" to "122F"
c. Question 3-52: change the word "camera" in the question's stem to "light
d. Page 36, Figure 5A: change Alt E from "How" to "Who"
e. Question 6-15: change the first word in line 2 of the question's stem
from "control" to "limit"
f. Question 7-10: change the date in line 5 of the question's stem from
"1885" to "1985"
g. Question 9-1: change Alt 3 from "No. 0" to "No. 3"
h. Question 9-70: change Alt 3 from "CCO5Y + CC15M only" to "CC05Y + CC10M
i. Question 10-49: change Alt 3 from "Censorship and physical" to
"Censorship and physical security"
j. Question 10-49: change Alt 4 from "Physical and cryptographic" to
"Physical security and cryptographic."
3. Delete the following questions and leave the corresponding spaces blank on
the answer sheets:
Questions: 3-21, 3-27, 3-28, 6-54, 10-45

Basic Photography Course

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