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Flexibility of Three-Quarter Lighting
Three-quarter lighting can be used with almost any
type of face. It is flexible because once it is set, the
subject can move his head from full face to profile and
the lighting remains good at any point you choose to
pose the sitter. The degree of flexibility is determined by
the type of light used (spot or flood) and the size and
type of reflector used.
With side lighting, the face is lit more intensely on
one side than the other (fig. 7-9). This type of lighting
is well suited for young women that have smooth skin
and regular facial features, or for men whose rugged
character lines should be emphasized. As a Navy
Photographer's Mate, you will not normally use side
lighting for official portraits. To learn more about side
lighting, refer to the reference list in the back of this
training manual.
Butterfly lighting is often used when making
portraits of women. To start, you can place the main light
PHC Carl Hinkle

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