the Navy Visual Information Management and
Operations Manual, OPNAVINST 5290.1.
The term custody indicates the responsibility for
proper care, stowage, and use of Navy material. The
manager or officer of the imaging facility is responsible
for all supplies stocked in an imaging facility. When
the supplies are stowed in storerooms, the photo officer
has technical custody of the material. As the supply
petty officer, you have actual custody (physical
custody) of the material. As such, you have subcustody
of materials in the storeroom(s). You are also
responsible to the photo officer for its safekeeping.
Plant Property
The term plant property is used to describe
Navy-owned real property and other types of property
in the care of the Navy.
All plant property items are divided into four
classes as follows:
Class l--land
Class 2--buildings and improvements
Class 3--equipment (other than industrial production
Class 4--industrial production equipment
As a Photographer's Mate, you will be most
concerned with Class 3--equipment. Some examples
are typewriters, adding machines, and enlargers.
Remember, custody records must be maintained for this
material throughout its useful life.
Custody Cards
For each item of controlled equipment requiring
custody signature, you must have a Controlled-
Equipage Custody Record (4442), NAVSUP Form 306
and NAVSUP Form 460 (figs. 5-16 and 5-17). Both
cards are referred to as "custody cards." Each card is
signed by the appropriate authority for custody after
having sighted the item identified on the card.
NAVSUP Form 306 is punched to fit into a three-ring
binder. NAVSUP Form 460 fits into the pocket of a
Cardex File.
The original and at least one copy of the custody
card is prepared for each item of equipment requiring
Figure 5-17.--NAVSUP Form 460.)

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