Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT Setup Instructions

If you use the Windows XP operating system, you must logon with an account that has administrator or power user rights before installing DOFMaster. You may need these rights on some Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems also.

To install DOFMaster, download the setup program here. Run the setup program. If it fails with an error that says the uninstall program is in use, do one of the following:

  • Logon to your system with an account that has administrator or power user rights, and then run the setup program again.

  • Or, download this alternate setup program. Run the program to extract the DOFMaster program files. The alternate setup program just copies the DOFMaster files to your hard drive. It does not create a shortcut on the "Programs" menu, nor does it provide for uninstalling DOFMaster at a later date. If you wish to remove DOFMaster after running the alternate setup, delete the files that are written to your hard drive.

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